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Press Releases
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Press Releases

46  News-4-08-2015  

By Ashtreliyn Education Academy Collaborative Seminar on Leadership and Project Management

45  News-19-07-2015  

The last chance to resolve the case of theft-National Lok Adalat 25-July-2015

44  News-19-06-2015  

The company received two new directors

43  News-25-05-2015  

The company's personnel will receive 113 percent dearness allowance

42  News-25-02-2015  

Operation Clean will make a success - M D

41  News-18-02-2015  

Official not play games with data - MD

40  News-14-02-2015  

School Boys will be explaine about importance of Electricity at home.

39  News-02-02-2015  

Tell how will you make arrears zero balance- 123 distribution centers of Eastern Power Distribution Company showed the Pilan to MD

38  News-30-01-2015  

Focus on addressing the problems of consumers- Mr. Keshari

37  News-04-01-2015  

Media have the power to step in to prevent electricity theft

36  News-17-12-2014  

N O C is essential from Electrcity Department in Panchayat Election

35  News-05-12-2014  

Promotion Order of 18 Officers

34  News-07-12-2014  

Workshop for legal provision on theft cases

33  News-02-12-2014  

FareWell Party Officer and Employees November 2014

32  News-12-11-2014  

68th BOD Held on 12th Novmber 2014

31  News-31-10-2014  

Many officers has been deputed for revenue checking and collction

30  News-30-10-2014  

Monitoring of revenue collection at important cities- MD

29  News-25-10-2014  

Company Release 7% DA Order from 14th July 2014

28  News-18-10-2014  

Katiya hatao abhiyaan

27  News-06-10-2014  

Principal Energy Secretary has taken review metting of MPPKVVCL

26  News-27-09-2014  

Consumers forum programme held at Jabalpur Circle

25  News-19-09-2014  

Consumers forum programme held at Jabalpur

24  News-19-09-2014  

Consumers forum programme at Jabalpur

23  News-04-09-2014  

Consumers forum programme at Amarpatan

22  News-02-09-2014  

Consumers forum programme at Sehora

21  News-02-09-2014  

67th BOD Held on 2nd September 2014

20  News-19-08-2014  

Chief Engineer to visit Distribution centers for Inspections-MD

19  News-18-08-2014  

Review meeting held on 21-aug-2014 at Sagar

18  News-17-08-2014  

MD SHRI Shukhveer Singh take charge

17  News-16-08-2014  

Awards declare for Officer and Employee On Independence Day 2014

16  News-14-08-2014  

Awards declare for Officer and Employee On Independence Day 2014 by selection Committee

15  News-18-06-2014  

66th Meeting of Board of Directors

14  News-12-06-2014  

Transfer of reginal engineers 2nd list

13  News-16-2014  

Transfer of reginal engineers

12  News-15-2014  

Grivences related to agriculture pumps should be resolved immediatly- MD

11  News-14-2014  

Hearing Today on 28-05-2014 At Consumer Forum Office Jabalpur

10  News-12-2014  

No power theft by Welspun Energy MP Ltd

09  News-11-2014  

Consumer Forum

08  News-10-2013  

Medical Polices for Employees

07  News-09-2013  

Linelosss will be decresed

06  News-08-2013  

Theft case in satna distt

05  News-07-2013  

Transfer and promotion

04  News-06-2013  

Transfer of Officers in Company

03  News-03-2013  

Award for best performance

02  News-02-2013  

Internal Wrestling competion

01  News-01-2013  

Internal football competition

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